This is the end of comfort zone

Get straight out of the boxes. Start an offense against the status quo. Blueprint your exit strategy and get a one-way-ticket out.

This is the end of uniformity

Handcuffs down. Uniforms off. Stir up originality. Matchless. One of a kind.

This is the end of stereotypes

Rip off all labels. Redefine predefined roles. Better be blind than be blinded. Show off your true colors.

This is the end of limitation

Our time is limited. Our mind is not. Tear down the borders and gate-crash the realms of possibility.

This is the end of brainwashing

Don’t believe the hype. Regain consciousness about the plans of the calculating minds. And think through their implications. Be the rage of a new generation.

This is the end of conventions

Unlock the dead-lock. Be the first crack in the norm. Critical thinking beats collective illusions. Out with the old and in with the new.

This is the end of doubts

Break the chains that hold you down. Venture into uncharted territory. No more bananas for the mind monkey.

This is the end of cloning

Keep away from the side effects of replication. Don’t mince words. Sharpen your cutting edge. Be streets ahead on unpaved paths.

This is the end of ordinary

Rock the boat. Refuse to settle for mediocrity. Don’t suffocate on indifference. Morph into a work of art.

This is the end of apathy

Get cracking. Kickstart your imagination. Stimulate your appetite for novel ideas. Broadcast your message.

This is the end

This is the end of being plain-vanilla, super-cheesy, extra-boring and ultra-normal.

This is Straight Edgy.